Best Practice Examples

This is an archive highlighting some examples of our best practice work in terms of achieving value for money.

Member schools within the CLP financially support partnership working by contributing to the core budget available for collaborative activities. 

As a broad calculation, our cost benefit analysis is linked to the range of activities across 2015/16, the cost of each activity and the numbers taking part.

The CLP member networks and project group meetings have cost less than £20.00 per person to deliver – based on the numbers attending.

In terms of the numbers of children taking part in the Film Festival compared to the cost of the activity, the cost per beneficiary is estimated at £6.00 per person.

For the Sports event, the cost per person who took part are estimated to be £13.00

However, if we look at the total cost that it costs to deliver partnership activities throughout the year and calculate this against the numbers of children and staff who have engaged in 2015/16, the ratio we arrive at is £16.00 per beneficiary.

The CLP has therefore managed to maintain value for money whilst ensuring good quality activities are delivered, balanced against rises in supply costs.  

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