Celebration of Sport 2013

Celebration of Sport 2013 Celebration of Sport 2013 Celebration of Sport 2013

Fun in the sun.

The CLP puts on a scorching sporting spectacular
- and smiles on faces.

Yesterday, (July 16th 2013) was an amazing day for 400 children aged between 5 & 11 in Nottingham and not just for the near record breaking temperatures.

For those 400 children from: Bentinck Primary, Radford Primary, Berridge Infant & Junior, Riverside Primary, Claremont Primary, Scotholme Primary, Dunkirk Primary, Forest Fields Primary, Greenfields Primary, St.Mary’s Catholic Academy and Mellers Primary schools,  yesterday saw the culmination of months of planning brought to life in spectacular fashion as the Central Learning Partnership (CLP), delighted in everything to do with the enjoyment of sporting participation and team work - at its annual Celebration of Sport event.

The Harvey Hadden Sports Complex was host to an impressive line-up of all things bouncy and fun.

There was ‘Welly Wanging’ and ‘Tank Track Racing’ activities for schools to enjoy in the morning, as well as giant inflatable Basketball Shoot-outs and Caterpillar races, where competitors from each school were all ‘mixed up’ into teams representing a colour. 

But in the afternoon the ‘elite’ competitors took to track and field and gave a stunning performance of athletic agility and prowess – with clearly some future potential to look out for if the winning times are anything to go by.

In the embers of the Olympic torch and as part of that 2012 legacy, we have seen our own young people keeping that ethos alive by volunteering to act as junior leaders and mentors to others and the Celebration of Sport day was no exception.

Thanks to the proficiency of the Junior Sports Leaders team from Djanogly City Academy, Bluecoat Academy and Nottingham Girls Academy, who all took the reins of leadership by ensuring that teams moved around the site quickly, kept the scoring up to date and made certain that everyone participated safely – the day was a huge success.

The day was attended in style by both the Sherriff of Nottingham and the City’s Lord Mayor who gave out the winning medals to competitors and trophies to teams.  But these dignitaries were not our only VIP guest, with one of the Greenfields Primary School children arriving in luxury care of a top of the range BMW (which they had as their own personal transport for the day) and were then paraded into the ground to the adulation of the crowd as part of their special prize for winning the CLP mascot design competition.

Our special gratitude must also go to the planning team and to the generosity of Encompass-Group who sponsored the day and who made it all possible.

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