Success In Schools Outcomes

Success In Schools Outcomes

The biggest impact of the project has been in terms of improved planning and in particular, how schools have been influenced in their development planning plus how children are using techniques in a constructive way which is then impacting on their behaviour.

Schools are able to give a number of good examples of how the tools and techniques taught have been used by pupils and how this is leading to children making choices that positively influence their own thoughts and experiences.

The use of brilliant breathing and learning ladder were the most cited examples of the tools and techniques being used.The project has been very successful in engaging parents to attend school workshops with staff reporting that it was the first time that they had seen the volumes of numbers attending for in-school activities.

All CLP teachers have spoken very positively in favour of the project activities.The cost of implementing the project works out at under £10.00 per child. 

"Tamba taught us not to give up, to believe in yourself, brilliant breathing, to be proud and confident, to have the right attitude, sit up straight and to learn from your mistakes."             

- Scotholme Primary School Pupil

"I will try these techniques with my children."   

- Forest Fields Primary School Parent  

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