CLP Parental Support Work and its impact 2013/14

CLP Parental Support Work and its impact 2013/14

The Central Learning Partnership has engaged with 788 parents & families via its dedicated Parent Support Worker (PSW) programme of activities between September 2013 to July 2014.

This is a significant increase in numbers from 2012/13 and represents a cost equivalent of £73 per family supported.

There is now a growing recognition by parents that our schools may be able to offer help and support beyond the traditional scope of education.

Links to Ofsted:

“How effectively the school works in partnership with other schools, external agencies and the community (including business) to improve the school, extend the curriculum and increase the range and quality of learning opportunities for pupils.”

Programme Outcomes:

As a result of another exceptional year in terms of volume of delivery, the CLP has reported that more families than ever before are now stabilised, with children of these families having better attendance, behaviour and attainment in school.

There is now a clearer support pathway for schools to follow when working with target groups as well as a robust signposting mechanism, making services more accessible to parents.

Via this focused programme of family support work across the partnership of schools, we have learnt:

- It is vital to liaise with other agencies and gain the trust of both care givers and children to enable the best outcomes.

- That supporting families ensures that school attendance has remained consistent whilst academic progress and emotional well-being has improved.

- Children are more settled as a result of PSW interventions.

- Family support workers are able to prepare paper work, to go to assessment panel for referrals for further services and in doing so,  releases a great deal of teacher time.  

- These staff are able to spend time with families who need extra support, specifically those with high risk needs - where otherwise schools simply wouldn’t have the time to give.  

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