Early Years Foundation Stage Project

Early Years Foundation Stage Project

The CLP is fortunate to have one of five city practitioner moderators in one of its member schools.

This teacher took the lead on the design and delivery of a series of CLP sessions that complimented the additional training from the Local Authority and was completed by March 2014.

The main focus was around identifying particular areas of difficulty and weakness as highlighted by practitioners, headteachers and the city data.

Delegates from 7 schools gained knowledge on specifics relating to how to complete the revised EYFS profile, as well as tips and ideas relating to providing opportunities for children to learn, and assessment gathering tips.

Links to Ofsted:

“The extent to which leadership contributes towards school improvement in the local or wider area, such as through system leadership, by working in partnership or by sharing of advanced skills practitioners, mentoring or shadowing opportunities for new middle leaders, or sharing best practice or offering other support and challenge on self-evaluation.”

Project Outcomes:

Teachers have reported that working with other EYFS professionals on inter-school moderation has proved to be the most valuable aspect.

They have found that having dedicated time, out of school, to discuss assessment issues and concerns and engage in professional dialogue worthwhile.

Having a safe forum for professionals to question and challenge each other and arriving to an agreement, has resulted in consistency across schools.

Looking at specific ELG’s in detail, discussing what staff expectations of children were and comparing children’s work with other schools was a key element of children’s progression and provided an opportunity for staff to share good practice.

In addition, moderation of ELG, how to assess them, the evidence needed and comparison of children’s attainment in similar catchments of school has been valuable.

The project has also helped to develop more inter-school, and in school moderation meetings and has developed staff confidence in assessing against the ELG framework.

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