Newly Qualified Teacher and Middle Leadership training

Newly Qualified Teacher and Middle Leadership training

The CLP was awarded £33k to deliver a teaching & learning improvement programme.

Part of this programme involved NQT or new teacher training plus middle leadership CPD opportunities.

Newly Qualified Teacher Training (NQT):

NQTs had the opportunity to work with experienced staff, SLEs & colleagues from other schools and undertook specific tasks in school which could be recorded and shared within a training group.

Topics covered included:

Session 1 – Behaviour & Learning

Session 2 – Questioning

Session 3 – EAL & SEN

Session 4 – AfL

Session 5 – Differentiation

Session 6 – Lesson Planning & Language for Learning

Session 7 – Encouraging Independence

Session 8 – Good to Outstanding

Project Outcomes:

Sessions covering EAL and SEN have been especially useful in terms of the learning taken back into schools.

As a result of this session, staff have been able to think carefully about how to involve newly arrived children in the class and how to best help them to make progress.

A specific example is where a school has used the techniques taught in valuing the child’s home language and culture.

Deploying other staff that have language skills, NQTs are able to arrange for another teacher at the school to introduce themselves to new children and their families, as well as the class teacher and other staff that would be working closely with EAL children.

This has helped children to feel more at home and less intimidated.

During registration, NQTs use alternative languages to say ‘Good morning’ or ‘Hello’.

After a short time, other members of the class discovered that they spoke/understood some of words and phrases, particularly of Hindi, as they were somewhat similar to other languages that they spoke.

This meant that as a class, recognition was given to this as an important way of including all children in daily routines.

Staff have reported that it is also important to allow extra time for EAL children to ask any questions relating to a task/activity and to ensure that they are encouraged to ask if they were uncertain.

Middle Leadership in Practice (MLIP):

This middle leadership programme was specifically designed for new and aspiring middle leaders in all types of school.

There were 6 face to face sessions and all participants completed a school based improvement project, with topics covering: interpreting data, tracking and intervention, pupil premium, new curriculum initiatives, appraisal & pay policy, leading meetings, professional dialogue, observing lessons, budget and timetable implications.

The programme was led by Sue Blakeway, Assistant Principal at Bluecoat Academy and Lydia Snow, Assistant Principal at Christ the King Academy who both have experience of facilitation at a national level.

On completion of the programme, participants had the opportunity to be awarded 30 credits towards a Masters Level degree.

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