Lights, Camera, APP-tion: Nottingham School's Film Festival 2016

Lights, Camera, APP-tion: Nottingham School's Film Festival 2016

On this page you'll find some useful information about how to enter your short film for the submission date of 2nd May 2016.

As well as each school being able to decide on what type of short film to make, schools can also short-list, choose and submit their two best films (one for KS1 and one for KS2) to go forward to the new CLP Film Festival!

The Lights, Camera, APP-tion: Nottingham School's Film Festival  will air from 20th to 22nd June and will be held at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham. 

A Film Festival is a great way to get everyone involved and a programme of special screenings will take place at the New Art Exchange - just for CLP schools. 

In addition, the New Art Exchange will be putting on a week of special evening screenings for parents to attend. 

So get ready!

Why not set up a 'film club' in schools as a lead up activity?  This will give children and families access to a range of films. 

Details about how to do this can be found on the Into Film website here along with some great FREE resources.

Or, why not host a debating forum in school involving the film creators and the audience?

You can also involve children behind as well as in front of the camera.  For example, script writing sessions, production, costume design and more!

Take a look at the work that Cambridgeshire schools are doing as part of their 'Young People's Film Festival' here.

For our CLP Film Festival we have created a clear set of planning criteria as well as specific aims and objectives, including: 

- Creating opportunities for staff to develop their skills and embed practice in the classroom. 

- Children and schools are recognised for their work.

- Celebration of creative work.

Don't forget the official launch date is Monday 22nd February and schools are invited to make a 30 second trailer to advertise their film(s).

We've also included some further details and information that schools will need to be aware about as a download from this page (below) e.g.:

Information about copyright laws and clearances

Suggestions on judging your films

Ideas for schools to manage their lead up actvities

Film Festival launch poster 

Uploading your chosen films:

Once your school has decided on which KS1 & KS2 film it wants to submit to the Film Festival, simply upload them to the Vimeo group folder set up specifically for this purpose.  Only CLP schools will be able to access, view and comment on the films uploaded there. To access the group folder, please email with your school details (name and contact email) and you will be given permissions.   

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