Film Festival Awards Panel

Film Festival Awards Panel

The Central Learning Partnership is delighted to announce that the inaugural 2016 Film Festival: Lights, Camera, App-tion will have an awards element added to it.

These special awards will be judged by an expert panel of creative and technology industry talent.

We are especially proud to have on the awards panel: Bethan Davies (Producer of Creative Programmes at New Art Exchange), Sareta Puri (Programme Coordinator at Into Film), Ben Atkinson (Creative Director at Tall-Lime) and Mike Watkinson (Professional Development Trainer at Jigsaw24).  

Between them they have an extensive amount of expertise and know-how in this field and we look forward to working with them on this exciting phase of the CLP Film Festival project. 

Click on the following links to view the Lights, Camera, App-tion Awards panel profiles:

Sareta Puri

Bethan Davies

Ben Atkinson

Mike Watkinson 

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